Vigor Sport

‘Japan Martial Arts Company’ was our nomenclature in 1999 because we needed to be introduced to the world. Then recently, we evolved into what we really are today, ‘Vigor Sports’, providing priceless ‘vigor’ and enthusiasm to our esteemed customers from our infinite storehouses. Our product range is enormous and represents most of the prestigious martial arts and their branded products around the globe. As a result we had to expand, in a short while, and open new branches outside Kuwait in neighboring Saudia Arabia, to satisfy the ever mounting demands of our clients, an ambitious strategic step to be followed very soon in the GCC and Arab Region. Our valued clients make real history for us ever since we started; an incredibly beautiful saga of astounding achievements. Our clients are our pride and a perennial source of inspiration and strength.

We have many partners and instructors outside Kuwait, in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain and Libya. We provide services to government clubs like Qadsiya, Salmiya etc. Also we provide services to local institutions, hotels, schools and even to individual players of all ages and genders, which includes the following:

  • Retail Stores in Kuwait and & KSA
  • Wholesale of International brands
  • Planning, development & execution of sports Facilities
  • Training Camps
  • Hosting of Regional Championship (Vigor Elite)