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Vigor Black Grappling Dummy

105,00 $

Vigor Black Grappling Dummy.

Searching around on the internet trying to found out what the best grappling dummy is and just how to go about choosing the best one..

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

That must be the most commonly asked question by a wrestler, a martial artist or an MMA fighter who wants to train his take downs, submission, throwing, grappling and the likes without the risk of injuring his sparring partner or if you don’t have a sparring partner when you need one.

Martial arts, judo, BJJ and wrestling are all combat sports, so practice would normally include a partner to spar with. Of course, not everyone can be a training partner because there’s a risk of injury to both the partner and the fighter.

Training however shouldn’t be stopped just because there’s no one available to train with. This is where the right training tools become essential.

Some training tools were designed to specifically develop a skill to help the player improve, and there are others which were designed not only to improve a skill but also as a good substitute for a training partner, like a grappling dummy.

A fighter or a wrestler should be using a grappling dummy that is best suited to his needs in order for him to develop his skills.

Aside from the body aches they have to endure, they must have spent a lot of time in training and practice which requires a lot of dedication, discipline and sacrifice.

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