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Vigor Hand Wraps – Red

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Vigor Hand Wraps.

These hand wraps are available in white, red or blue and are an elastic material, allowing you to wrap your hands and wrists for added protection induced by punching.
Wraps are essential in this sport; they are designed to help protect your hands and wrists from injury when punching. The wraps are wrapped securely around palm, wrist and thumb so alignment of the joints is maintained and to compress and lend strength to the soft tissues of the hands during impact.
As you can see on the image provided above these are available in a variety of colors, choose from red, white or blue and the Vigor logo is proudly adorned on each. These hand wraps are 100% woven elastic material, allowing you to wrap hands tightly and still maintain a good comfort level. Also featured is a thumb loop that is 5cm, allowing you to wrap your thumb with ease; providing that extra protection.

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