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Vigor Zero To Hero Muay Thai Shorts

17,50 $

Vigor Zero To Hero Muay Thai Shorts

Feature an extra wide cut in the leg area so as to allow the very most freedom of movement when kicking, performing knee strikes, and defensively checking kicks. They are ideal for both training and competition in Muay Thai or any MMA workout.

Vigor Muay Thai equipment is a common sight at many Arabian training camps and gyms. You will find them worn by both the best, seasoned Muay Thai Fighters and new students just starting to learn the techniques that have made this a traditional Martial Art spanning centuries. They are an essential part of the equipment of every Muay Thai Kick boxer.

Vigor  Muay Thai Shorts are 100% polyester satin and come from the epicenter of Muay Thai Fighting.  Whether you are just going to the gym to hit the heavy bag or to class to perfect your Muay Thai Round Kick, these high-quality shorts will support you every step of the way.

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