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Wacoku Escrima Rattan Sticks

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Wacoku Escrima Rattan Sticks .

This Rattan Esrima Sticks is made entirely of Rattan and closely related cousin of Bamboo. 2ft in length and has a bit of flexibility, although it’s hard to tell due to the short length. They come complete with the Rattan skin on them and some Filipino stick fighters choose to strip the skin off to make it less hard and lighter.

These rattan escrima sticks have a few properties that makes them perfect for kali stick fighting and practicing self defense techniques. First, they are really tough and only break when under worst punishment. Second, they are really lightweight, the rattan is the cousin to Bamboo, but solid unlike bamboo. Third, it doesn’t splinter so makes it a very safe weapon to train with.


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