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Wacoku Kyokushin Uniform – A180

63,00 $

Wacoku Kyokushin Uniform – A180.

Made out of unbleached cotton . The canvas jacket reaches halfway down the thigh with ¾ sleeves. The pants, made from lightweight twill cotton, feature long legs and a drawstring at the waist.

This is probably the most common Kyokushin kai uniform  The uniform is crafted from unbleached cotton texture. The uniform is comfortable to wear and is is very easy to wash and keep fresh.
The uniform is lightweight and comfortable to wear during workouts and this ensured a fast rise in popularity.
The affordable price makes the empi a very popular uniform,

The WacokuKyokushin kai uniform comes in our standard cut, and the featured sketch shows the approximate fit.
There is hardly any need to consider any possible shrinkage when choosing between sizes.

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