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Wacoku Rebreakable Board

26,25 $

Wacoku Rebreakable Board. Are a great alternative to one-time use wooden boards. Not only does the durable nylon construction allow the board pieces to separate repeatedly. But the rubber palm pad on the back allows for some cushioning for your friend who is holding onto the board you’re trying to break.

The key to the boards’ rebreakability is the hinges that snap together easily. The longer the hinges, the harder it is to break the board apart. The boards also have the advantage of being more predictable, since the natural material of wood can be easier or harder to break depending on all sorts of factors (room temperature, soil composition, precipitation) that have nothing to do with your ability as a martial artist.

Strength can be varied by mixing L/L L/M L/S M/M M/S S/S.
– Monocoque (one piece) of TPR and plastic
– Black TPR offer tractility and comfort for board holders and hitters.
– Easy to set up
– Unbreakable bolt
– Patent pending

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