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Wacoku Rubber Gun

10,50 $

Wacoku Rubber Gun .

If you’re looking to create the most authentic real-world self-defense scenario possible. You need to take a good look at our Rubber Gun !
Modeled with impressive detail after the Beretta 9mm of law enforcement fame, this solid hunk of 13 ounce Rubber will add a genuine look and feel to any self-defense course. Just be sure to exercise caution and common sense when handling our Rubber Gun outside of a classroom setting.
Whether you’re after the perfect movie/costume prop or just want to create an eerily authentic self-defense scenario. You won’t go wrong adding a couple of Rubber Guns to your cart.

Product Details:

  • Heavy Molded Rubber – Mimics the heft of the real thing
  • Must-have Self-Defense Trainer – Perfect for weapons handling or disarm training
  • Realistic Design – Modeled after classic Beretta 9 mm

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