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Wacoku Red Oak Shoto – Wooden


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Wacoku Red Oak Shoto .

A wooden version of the Japanese Wakizashi sword, this is quite a rare item even in the martial arts world. The red oak shoto is used very much like the bokken is used in replacement of the katana. As said there are not many styles that used these and even less that actually train regularly with them.

Saying that Japanese sword practitioners like to dabble with them and get used to a bit of two sword practice and some closer distance training. They also are great for really young kids, who want to do some bokken work, but cannot find a bokken small enough for them. This is when the red oak bokken works perfectly for them.

Comes complete with a plastic tsuba or guard should you want it and made entirely from the hard wood red oak. Good reliable weapon and there is no need why you’ll ever need to buy another one.

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