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Wacoku WKF Approved Chest Guard

66,50 $

Wacoku WKF Approved Chest Guard .

The WKF Body Protector is compulsory in the cadet category. It is worn under the karate uniform and is designed to prevent impact from accidental punches in the chest and side by absorbing and distributing the force. The exterior is made of high tech “CORDURA” fabric for resistance to tears, rips, and scuffs. The inner fabric. Crafted with the user in mind, the chest guard is thin and worn under the uniform. This chest is mandatory in all tournaments sanctioned by the WKF. Must be worn by every competitor in all kumite categories.

Consists of three layers:
On the exterior is Cordura, an advanced performance fabric that is resistant to tears and abrasions. For the interior, Flexiroll (high shock absorbing foam) is used to help mitigate powerful strikes. Finally, Cool Max technology is used on the inner side to enhance cooling and comfort ability.

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